Helene is one of the leading singers in Norway

Helene is one of the leading singers in Norway. She is known for her spellbinding and ethereal voice. Growing up by the fjords and the mountains in the south of Norway, Helene uses folk tales, ancient Norse language and the rugged Nordic landscape, as an inspiration to create modern folk and world music.

Helene has released a number of solo albums, both at Universal Music and her own label, Laterna. Her latest album “The Blue Wave” was released in 2018 - a collaboration with the Irish songwriter Brendan Graham (You Raise me up), and was recorded in Irland.

Over the years Helene has built an extensive career in music, having contributed on a number of recordings with various bands and musicians; as well being part of the music for the fantasy online game; Age of Conan, which went on to win a number of international awards for best vocal – and best music (HMMA 2008). Helene was also singing on the Emmy-nominated jazz-album Stille, stille vinternatt (Universal 2011). She entered final at the Melodi Grand Prix 2011 with the song Vardlokk

Helene has co-created film music, and used her voice in various films, such as the Norwegian classic; Reisen til julestjernen - Journey to the Christmas Star (2012), Birkebeinerne - The Last King (2016), and the Hollywood movie, The Mermaid Chair (2006).