Photo: Sune Eriksen

About the artist: Helene

Helene is one of the leading singers in Norway. She is known for her spellbinding and ethereal voice. Growing up by the fjords and the mountains in the south of Norway, Helene uses folk tales, ancient Norse language and the rugged Nordic landscape as an inspiration to create modern folk and world music.

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Helene´s upcoming concerts

November 29
Nes Kirke
Oslo, Norway
November 30
Hamar kulturhus
Hamar, Norway
December 1
Lillehammer kirke
Lillehammer, Norway
December 2
Skatval kirke
Skatval, Norway
December 3
Steinkjer kirke
Steinkjer, Norway
December 4
Snåsa kirke
Snåsa, Norway
December 5
Olavshallen, Trondheim
Trondheim, Norway
December 6
Kirkelandet kirke
Kristiansund, Norway
December 7
Brattvåg kirke
Brattvåg, Norway
December 8
Ålesund kirke
Ålesund, Norway
December 9
Bergen, Norway
December 10
Voss kyrkje
VOSS, Norway
December 11
Oseana Kunst og Kultursenter
Os, Norway
December 13
Vår Frelsers kirke, Haugesund
Haugesund, Norway
December 14
Stavanger konserthus, Kuppelhallen
Stavanger, Norway
December 15
Kilden Kristiansand
Kristiansand, Norway
December 16
Buen, Mandal
Mandal, Norway
December 17
Lillestrøm kultursenter
Lillestrøm, Norway
December 18
Frogner kirke
Oslo, Norway
December 18
Frogner kirke *Ekstra konsert*
Oslo, Norway
December 19
Fredrikstad kirke
Fredrikstad, Norway
December 20
Asker kirke
Asker, Norway
December 21
Bragernes kirke
Drammen, Norway
December 22
Oslo konserthus
Oslo, Norway
Helene Bøksle


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Booking and contact

Helene is known for her magical voice – and she performs regularly both internationally and in Norway. Helene is especially known for her Christmas tour, which draws thousands of visitors every year.

Helene can perform acapella – or in the company of big orchestras. She has a large repertoire, and can tailor a musical program for all occasions. For contact and booking details, please see info.

Contact information

Daglig leder
Pernille Volle Bavridge:
Espen Tjersland

+47 936 65190
+47 913 84213

Management og booking:
Laterna AS
Parkveien 51A, 0244 Oslo